Saturday, December 12, 2020

Christmas Village 2020

Second year of setting up my Christmas Village. I display them on three bookcase shelves - but will need to expand soon.  I just love little things.  It is basically dollhouses for adults­čść .  This is right in line with my little fairy garden miniatures - but for the winter ❤.  And of course I had to add something related to gardening with a little florist and plant shop.  #christmasvillage #christmasdecor #christmasinspiration

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Tour of My Flower Garden - First Year - Fall of 2019

This year we created a new flower bed and added many new plants in other beds.  I wanted to document the first year of my garden.  I didn't think of this until mid September, but better late than never.  The bed in the thumbnail is in full sun.  I added plants that attract pollinators and butterflies - might even consider making it a Monarch waystation one day. I also planted some daffodils in this bed for an early spring show.  I tried planting some seeds (cosmos, zinnias, and rose campion) but I planted them when it was too hot out (late July).  Shockingly I got a few cosmos.  In late fall I got one zinnia and much later some rose campion actually showed up. 

I hope to continue to document the changes in my garden over the coming seasons including revamping another bed (not shown in the video) to attract hummingbirds.  

Thursday, September 12, 2019

2019 Fairy Garden Tour

Touring the second year of my fairy garden.  This year due to construction at my home, I had a small strip to work with and couldn't plant any flowers until mid-summer.  I used several fairy houses that I bought from dollar tree and didn't make any fairy houses myself and only used one of the houses I made from last year.

Things got busy and couldn't keep up with maintaining it and everything got overgrown.  Next year I plan on moving the fairy garden village back to the area where I created it in the first year.  I hope this video helps you get inspiration and ideas to create your own fairy garden.